What's Next Madrid Fall 2013

Online Spanish Language Placement Test

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As you should already know, all NYU Madrid students are required to take at least one Spanish Language course (or a topic course taught in Spanish).

NYU Students who have taken Spanish courses at NYU will progress to the next course in their sequence of study and do not need to take the placement test.

If you have never taken a college-level Spanish course (even if you plan on registering for a Beginner’s course) you must take the online Placement Test. You can access the online placement by clicking on the link below:

NYU Spanish Placement Test  (password = nyulanguage)

Please complete placement test no later than April 5th.

If you consider yourself a “real” beginner (in the sense that you have never studied Spanish either at the high school or college level) or if you speak Spanish at home but have never formally studied it in high school or college, then you need to email Isabel Pereira at ip15@nyu.edu in order to either be excused from the exam or to be placed properly based on your “native-speaker” language level.


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